skull3.gif (4105 bytes) tombst1.jpg (31394 bytes) skull3.gif (4105 bytes)

Not the best picture, but you get the drift. We used:

Pink Insulation Styrofoam

Compressed cardboard

Liquid Nails or 3M Spray glue

X-acto knife

Paint    Gray - Black - (Fluorescent Paint    Green - Yellow - Orange)

tomb-st.jpg (95285 bytes) Glue the compressed cardboard to the back of the Pink insulating Styrofoam.

Draw a tombstone shape on the Styrofoam

Cut it out

We used the computer to print out epitaphs. Then we taped them on the Styrofoam and used an X-acto knife to trace (cut)  the letters out.

Now we primed them light gray. Then use a darker gray and black to resemble stone.

Use the fluorescent colors to paint the ephitets .

h1bil.jpg (395788 bytes)


h4_2.jpg (132046 bytes) Halloween night we put a 42" duel blacklight in front which make the epithets glow. They look great.



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