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lightnin.gif (12247 bytes) Here are some pictures of people I have met and other stuff I thought I would share with you.

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h4bilfir.jpg You should have seen my neighbors faces when I started this little fire!! This is acually one picture of our cemetery gate that my friend Bill retouched. I thought it was too cool.

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Guess who this is???


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This is me with Adrien Barbeu (I think thats the way you spell it). She was in Swamp Thing - Escape from NY - Creepshow - the tv show Maude and other movies. She also just gave birth at 50 years old!


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Elvira…need I say more? I love my Mistress of the dark….do with me what you will (just don’t tell my wife ha-ha)


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The Amazing Johnathan


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All the pictures of the celebrities were taken at the Spooky World in MA. It’s a great place and keeps getting better every year. If your around in October this is a must for the Halloween nut (like me).

More to come as I scan them. Keep checking back. See ya!


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