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The Amazing Johnathan
Ok..... He kissed me :)
What a NUT! He is the funniest comedian I ever seen. I have seen Amazing Johnathan and Psychic Sandra (his gorgeous wife) 4 times at the Comedy Connection in Boston, MA. If you never heard of him you must be living under a rock …in a cave ….up in the mountains somewhere…but you have not been around the living!! I also have a lot of respect for him - at the end of his show he sells T-shirts and his "Every Trick in the Book" Book. He gives half the money to charity and then takes the time to personally meet and autograph either item for the crowd. I usually sit close to the front every time I see him and I heard him tell one of the bouncers that the second show would wait until he was done selling and autographing the T's and books. I thought that was great! The Amazing Johnathan puts on a great show and takes care of his audience it really is "THE WILDEST RIDE ON EARTH!". Amazing J - You Da MAN! If you want to learn more about Amazing Johnathan visit his updated web site here.


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